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RWCFI Launching Important New Project

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Best Practice for Developmental Assessment

The IDA Second Edition Now Available

RWCFI recognizes the work of the IDA Institute as best practice for developmental assessment of young children. The new Infant-Toddler Developmental Assessment–Second Edition (IDA-2) is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, family-centered assessment to identify children birth to 3 years of age who are developmentally at risk. Based on the IDA findings children and families receive developmental support and intervention programs aimed at positive developmental outcomes. 

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Student Video on Genocide

High School Project Inspired by "Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg"

High school student Olivia Pruett, while studying Holocaust history, learned about

Raoul Wallenberg and his heroic work in Budapest during World War II. She prepared

a report on Wallenberg with comparisons to genocide in today’s world. Her interest in

the relevance of both Wallenberg's and Sonnenfeld's stories to the question of what

one single person can do in the face of genocide inspired her to create a short video

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The IDA at National Zero to Three

Promoting Early Childhood Best Practice Model

RWCFI Board Members Susan Epperson Vater and Kyle Pruett, with Connecticut Children's Medical Center colleagues (pictured above), presented the Mid-level Developmental Assessment featuring the Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA) at the National Zero To Three Conference in Fort Lauderdale Florida. This pioneering organization in the field of child development has now decided to begin promoting the IDA as a best-practice model of early childhood assessment.

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Sonja Sonnenfeld Speaks

"Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg" - Sonja Sonnenfeld's Story

During the Pre-Production phase of the documentary "Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg",

more than 100 hours of HD footage were collected, revealing the life story of Sonja

Sonnenfeld. Well into her late nineties, Sonja continued speaking to German students

about her experiences during the holocaust and her work to free Wallenberg from Russia.


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Dr. Kyle Pruett Joins Project

Exciting New Project Advisor

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RWCFI Promotional Campaign

"Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg" Pre-Production Progress

-Full Documentary Proposal Released

-Short Overview Presentation Video Edited and Available Online

-Outreach Effort Underway to Reach New Project Advisors and Ideal Interview Candidates

-Fundraising for "Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg" Production Phase with New RWCFI Website


The following presentation highlights footage collected during Research and Development:

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Early Intervention

The Raising of America Sample Reel from California Newsreel on Vimeo.

The Raising of America

Visit the website for more information:

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