Our mission is to foster and promote best practices in the pursuit of positive social change.


Raoul Wallenberg demonstrated great compassion, vision, and determination in the face of insurmountable odds and at great personal risk. He protected innocent and defenseless men, women and children who were victims of circumstances beyond their control. Our mission is to ensure that those who are disadvantaged have the resources for achieving optimal outcomes.


Established as a non-profit tax exempt organization, RWCFI has two distinct functions: direct fundraising for best practice and evidence-based programs for children, youth and families; new program design and development in the areas of child and family development; and youth leadership. The primary project in development at RWCFI is the Documentary film "Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg".


The Raoul Wallenberg Children’s Foundation is supported and nurtured by a number of trusted advisors and partners who contribute their time and energy to help shape the RWCFI work. The Board of Directors and Advisors are active in the Foundation’s programs and development. We rely on the support of individual donors, foundations, corporations, partners and volunteers.

Who We Are

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