RWCFI is producing a documentary film to explore the legacy and probe the mystery of a lost hero

Fight Injustice

In the darkest days of Budapest 1944, Raoul Wallenberg was a rare beacon of hope and salvation. His selfless heroic deeds saved tens of thousands of people from the Nazi gas chambers - among them, thousands of children.

Never Be Indifferent

Sonja Sonnenfeld worked tirelessly after her "retirement" for more than 30 years with the official Raoul Wallenberg Committee to learn the fate of Raoul Wallenberg and to secure his release from the Russian prison system.

Find the Truth

RWCFI was founded with consent by the Official Raoul Wallenberg Committee whose founders, Nina Lagergren, Guy von Dardel, Per Anger and Sonja Sonnenfeld, dedicated more than 30 years to rescuing Raoul Wallenberg.

Documentary Film Preview

The purpose of RWCFI is to inspire and develop meaningful Change

Violence Prevention

The RWCFI is developing curricula and supporting resources based on Sonja Sonnenfeld’s classroom conversations over the years to facilitate violence prevention dialogue within classrooms, communities and various organizations.

Early Intervention

The first five years of life are the foundation for academic success, economic productivity and a lifetime of sound health. We identify and support promising projects that address developmental and behavioral issues.

Improving Community

The field of youth media has exploded into a vibrant platform for self-expression and empowerment: A call for community action and social justice and an avenue for building technical and job skills, leadership and literacy.